Stuyvesant High School offers one of the country’s most innovative and exciting computer science programs. The goal of our program is not to create programmers but rather to show our students the power of computer science as a problem solving technique. To that end, our classes exposes students to a variety of programming languages and paradigms. Our students learn that there is no “best” language or tool, but will understand the power of finding the best tool for a given task.

Courses in our program start with the assumption that students have never been exposed to computer science, though those coming in with experience will be shown different ways to look at the field.

The program exposes students to a variety of problem solving techniques and opens students to new and different ways of thinking. We aim to show the relationship between computer science and other subject areas when possible. There is also a strong emphasis on creating programs that the students can be proud of. All of our classes culminate in final projects that give students a chance to build something of their own creation that demonstrates the skills gained from the class. Stuyvesant High School offers one of the nation’s best Computer Science programs.