Your Responsibilities:

  1. Be a good human being!
    • Treat each other (and me) with respect and kindness.
    • Take care of the classroom and the equipment contained within.
    • Be courteous to your classmates.
  2. Come to class!
    • “80% of success is showing up.”
    • If you’re not here, you can’t learn, and you can’t work with your classmates.
    • If you are absent or late, have a note ready.
  3. Do the work!
    • There will be smaller assignments and large projects.
    • “work” assignments
      • There will not be nightly homework assignments.
      • When you’ve learned enough to create something reasonable, there will be an assignment.
      • Most of these will be individual assignments unless otherwise noted.
      • Somewhere between a couple days and a week after an assignment, solutions will be posted to github.
      • Once a solution is posted, late assignments will not be accepted. You cannot submit all missed work at the end of the semester or marking period and expect to get credit.
    • “project” assignments
      • There will be a project at the end of each marking period.
      • These will increase in scope as the semester goes on.
      • You will have the option to work in groups for these.
    • You cannot submit all missed work at the end of the semester or marking period and expect to get credit.
    • These assignments will form the bulk of your grade, THERE ARE NO TESTS.
    • My goal is to not overburden you with work, but that means that missing an assignment in this class will have a larger impact on your grade than missing an assignment in a class with nightly homework (because that’s how math works).
    • Submit your own work. Anyone caught plagiarizing will receive a 0 for the assignment along with further disciplinary action as required by school policy (Check out How to compsci at stuy if you need a refresher on academic dishonesty).
  4. The only way to fail this class is to violate the previous 2 points (I cannot give poor grades for not being a good human being, but there are much larger repercussions for failing in that area that will last much longer than a high school class grade).

My Responsibilities:

  1. Be a good human being.
  2. Create a class environment that is welcoming and conducive to learning.
  3. Teach you something about programming in C and linux based system programming.