Dojo: Meet crew. Talk shop. Hone skills. MTWR in 307, 15:45-16:55

QAF: Good for back-n-forth, crowdsourcing solutions…

Knowledge Base (KB): …and once a pathway to success is proven, document it here

Office hours: pd9 in 301 Priority given to those who schedule an appointment. Otherwise, FIFO.

What price, peace of mind? Sometimes a bit of housekeeping saves a lot of headache, frustration, mess-cleanup, and time wasted later…

Secure cross-platform password managers (pick one):

OSX text editors: gedit textmate Brackets

Windows text editors: gedit notepad++

“Goldilocks” Python editor: thonny

Communication platform for scattered teammates: it’s not just for gamers

Remote collaborative coding tools:

Brooks Schedule-o-Matic: indispensible

Web microframework: Flask primary documentation

HTML/CSS/JS reference: MDN: Authoritative, thorough. Your first stop.

Graphical FTP clients: need-new-posix-gui-client-since-filezilla-borked-suggestions-welcome (avoid SourceForge) WinSCP (Windows only)