Spring 2021

Homework Server

CS Dojo: Hone skills. Talk shop. Meet crew. MTWR, 14:40-16:40EST

Question & Answer Forum: “a rising tide lifts all boats”

Chat Space: for live sessions, team comms

Office hours: 14:30-14:50EST, at dojo. Priority given to those who schedule an appointment. Otherwise, FIFO.

What price, peace of mind?

Secure cross-platform password managers (pick one):

The right tool for the job makes everything easier…

OSX text editors: gedit textmate Brackets

Windows text editors: gedit notepad++

Python: Thonny, our officially supported IDE

Virtual terminal step up yer CLI-fu

Multiplayer coding environment: read eval print loop

Graphical FTP clients: WinSCP (Windows) | Cyberduck (macOS)
note: Longstanding recommended client FileZilla now includes malware vectors, so is no longer recommended.

Secure SHell client for Windows (rendered moot by v10): puTTY

Brooks Schedule-o-Matic: indispensible

Guide to Zooming in the Time of the Rona, in the Realm of the DOE: (courtesy D. Holmes, “King of Documentation”)

How to stop worrying and love the learn: DOE officially says “grades don’t matter”)