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Work 05: Occupational Jinja Training

posted Sep 26, 2017, 10:13 AM by JonAlf Dyrland-Weaver   [ updated Sep 26, 2017, 10:29 AM ]
For this you will refer to your prior occupation assignment. You are encourage to re-use and refactor code as necessary.

With your table buddy, write a flask app with an "/occupations" route, which will generate an HTML page with an appropriate title, a descriptive heading, and a tablified version of the occupations data, followed by a randomly selected occupation.

If you're feeling flasky, and you've completed the requirements above, try this on for size:
  • For each occupation, find a link that would be helpful to get started in that filed.
  • Add that link to the occupations.csv file.
  • Include the link in the python dictionary you create (Note: you'll have to store the percentage and the link as values attached to each name)
  • When Your flask app renders the page, include the link to help your users on their way to their new job.

Submit this as 05_occupy_flask_st in the workshop.
New Naming Scheme: lastF-lastF