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Project 01: Dazzling Data Dives

posted Mar 26, 2018, 10:04 AM by JonAlf Dyrland-Weaver   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 10:33 AM ]
Your task is to chose an interesting data set and provide a good visual representation of that data.
  • You should tell a story with your data, numbers are boring, bring them to life. We’ve spent the first marking period talking a lot about front-end graphical tools.
  • Technical Requirements
    • You will have to use d3 and one of canvas or svg. You may use both if you’d like.
      • Remember that d3 can be used to change many different attributes, not just size. Think about using other visual elements like position and color as well.
    • All data must be served through a flask back-end
  • Edit in your repository to give a rough outline of your project.
    • Description of data set(s).
    • Source (brief description + hyperlink)
    • Relevance/significance
    • Explanation, in broad strokes if necessary, of how you aim to make this data come alive.
    • What will be shown, absent user interaction?
    • How will user interact with your visualization?
    • What questions will your visualization allow user to explore? What questions will it provoke?
    • Explanation of D3 feature utilization.
  • Sketch/mock-up/screenshot of your envisioned visualization.
  • Edit devlog.txt appropriately.
  • Submodule linking notes: 
    • Main repo:
    • Make sure your submodule link appears as follows:
      • nameOfTeam_alastF_blastF_clastF_dlastF (e.g., sleater-kinney_tuckerC_brownsteinC_weissJ)

Review TASK: With your executive team, review the proposal of the team immediately following you in the submodule listing.
  • Address, at minimum, each bullet point below. (Discuss with your team, then open distinct issues as appropriate for each on your target repo. Then, repeat the process for the next team in the list.
    • Is it clear how you, a user, would interact with their data? How compelling is it? Does their interaction mechanism encourage you, the user, to continue exploring?
    • How clearly do you, a peer developer, understand the aim of their project? Is it clear what they aim to create?
    • How appropriate is their chosen display format for their chosen data? Does their data merit multiple display formats? If so, which? 
    • What modification(s) could improve the user experience by encouraging deeper exploration and better understanding of the data? Be as specific as possible; your suggestion should be actionable.

Here are some useful links as you move forward: