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Project 01: Get your hands off of me, you dirty APIs!

posted Nov 14, 2017, 10:19 AM by JonAlf Dyrland-Weaver   [ updated Nov 22, 2017, 10:16 AM ]
confused about the title? you're welcome

With your team, select 2 (or more) REST APIs and use them to create a novel website of our design.
  • You must continue to use flask as your backend driver.
  • Use multiple python files as needed.
  • You must use a css framework, either bootstrap or foundation.
  • You must provide your own css customization.
  • You will make meaningful use of at least two REST APIs.
  • You will consult the SoftDev API knowledge base as a starting point for deciding which APIs you will incorporate.
Your should have the following:
  • Include brief overview of what the project is (not entire design doc!).
  • Include clear instructions on how to run your project. (Including how to procure API keys.)
  • Assume your audience is cloning your repo and running from localhost.
  • List dependencies, as well as how to install/procure them if necessary.
  • Use appropriate formatting to denote commands, etc.

DESIGN DOCUMENT DEADLINE: 8am Thursday Morning 11/16
Create a design document for the project. 
  • Include these, as well as any necessary supporting documentation:
    • Heading with
    • team name
    • roster
    • title indicative of site purpose/theme
    • component map
    • site map
    • database schema (if applicable)
  • Divide the tasks among your group members. (Assign roles.)
  • One role must be "Project Manager," who...
    • Has not served as PM before.
    • Makes sure the group is consistently moving together.
    • Handles (minor) coding tasks as necessary.
    • Makes certain the design document is coherent and that the group is adhering to the agreed-upon design.
    • If changes need to be made to the design, project manager should be informed.
  • There will be a summary document at the end of the project created by the group, but the project manager will have certain duties pertaining to that document as well.
  • DELIVERABLE: PDF named design.pdf in the root directory of your team's project repo.
  • Submodule linking notes: 
    • Link your submodule in animated-computing-machine repository.
    • Name your submodule link as follows:
    • name_of_team--lastaF-lastbF
    • (e.g., chromeo--dyrlandweaverJ-mykolykT)