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Project 0: Tell me a story... or write about it

posted Oct 19, 2017, 10:42 AM by JonAlf Dyrland-Weaver   [ updated Oct 19, 2017, 11:48 AM ]
For this project, your team will pick one of the two projects listed below.

Your “software solution” (in the parlance of our times) will incorporate a few distinct components, so it is imperative that your team develop a design and agree upon roles before you move to implementation.

The Plan: 
Due M 2017-10-23, 8:00am, EST.
  • Create a design document for your project.
  • Include these, as well as any necessary supporting documentation:
    • component map
    • site map
    • database schema
  • Divide the tasks among your group members. (Assign roles.)
  • One role must be "Project Manager," who...
    • Has not served as PM before.
    • Makes sure the group is consistently moving together.
    • Handles (minor) coding tasks as necessary.
    • Makes certain the design document is coherent and that the group is adhering to the agreed-upon design.
    • Stays abreast of any changes made to the design.
    • There will be a summary document at the end of the project created by the group; the project manager will have certain duties pertaining to that document as well.
  • DELIVERABLE: PDF named design.pdf in the root directory of your team's project repo.
  • Submodule linking notes:

Once you begin, you will need to maintain a devlog as described below:
    • The purpose of the devlog is to allow any group member at any time to see the current state of the project.
    • PM will make sure devlog is being maintained, but will not make all entries.
    • The devlog should be a plain text file, named devlog.txt, in the root directory of your repo.
    • When any team member stops working and pushes changes to github, they should update the devlog explaining what changes have been made. Include any errors/bugs discovered (or created).
    • Separate devlog entries with a newline.
    • Most recent entry at the bottom.
    • Each entry should begin with the following format: firstL -- TIMESTAMP\n
    • e.g.:
      • topherM -- 1999-12-31 23:59

Option 0:
  • Your team has been contracted to create a collaborative storytelling game/website.
  • Users will have to register to use the site.
  • Logged in users can either start a new story or add to an existing story.
  • When adding to a story,
    • Users are shown only the latest update to the story, not the whole thing.
    • A user can then add some amount of text to the story.
  • Once a user has added to a story, they cannot add to it again.
  • When creating a new story,
    • Users get to start with any amount of text and give the story a title.
    • Logged in users will be able to read any story they have contributed to on their homepage (the landing page after login).

Option 1:
  • Your team has been contracted to create a web log hosting site.
  • Users will have to register to use the site.
  • Logged in users will be able to
    • Create a new blog
    • Update their blog by adding a new entry
    • View and edit their own past entries
    • View the blogs of other users