1. Read and sign the Academic Honesty Contract. Hand in the contract 
      by June 11. Come see me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the contract.
      Borrowing HTML and CSS code is fine provided you reference the source.
      Viewing and using python code that is  not developed by you or your partner is not permitted.

   2. Since there was no departmental final, I will not be able to drop your lowest exam grade.
   3. Extra Credit - If you complete all the tasks listed below by the end of the day June 11,
                              you will receive 10 bonus points. If all tasks are completed by the end of the day June 12,
                              you will receive 5 bonus points.
                              To receive the bonus points you must notify me via email at rick.platek@stuy.edu that your 
                             project is complete.
   4. Otherwise, the last day to complete your projects is at the end of the day June 15.
       If you need help with any of the tasks listed below, I will make myself available on June 12 - 14 to meet with
       you in room 325. Schedule an appointment via email, rick.platek@stuy.edu, if you need help.       

1. Professional Homepage Assignment
     - 25 points
     - Must contain the following: 
         - An  appropriate image.
         - A Short Biography
         - An ordered list of links to your projects
         - An unordered list of links to resources used for assignments.
         - A link to the homepage of the person seated to your right,
           and a link to the homepage to that person's right.

Examples of what is expected:

2. Magic Eight Ball
   - 15 points
   - Create a dynamic web page to display an image of the magic eight ball
      and a randomly chosen phrase. A collection of phrases is found 
   - On your home page add a link to your magic eight ball page.

3. Permutations and Anagram Identifier
   - 25 points
   - You may work with a partner.
   - On your homepage, provide a link to your work.
   - Create a webpage for a user to enter a word. (Use a form).
     Set the maximum length of the word to 7 characters. (Enforce this using an attribute.)
   - From the submitted word, produce a listing of all the
     permutations of the word.
         Submitted Word: eat
             1. eat
     2. eta
     3. aet
     4. ate
     5. tea
     6 .tae
    - Identify which of the permutations are actual words (anagrams).
         1. eat
                 2. eta
 3. ate
 4. tea

   - On homer.stuy.edu there is a dictionary, a file of words, located at:


   - Python has a module that will generate an iterator that you can use
     to generate and iterate through a collection of permutations.

     Check out:  
                import itertools

                 s = 'eat'
for w in itertools.permutations(s):
     print w
      You may also try writing your own permutation function.

4. MadLibs Generator
   - 30 points
   - You may work with a partner.
    - On your homepage, provide a link to your work.
    A MadLibs Generator
        - Create a web page to allow the user to select the type of story,
  provide a drop down menu of choices,request the parts of speech
  for the story, then print the final story.

5. Online Hardware Quiz
  - 40 points
  - You may work with a partner.
   - On your homepage, provide a link to your work.
   Create an online Hardware Quiz
      - Create a multiple choice quiz based on the information 
     - The quiz should have at least 10 questions with 5 choices
        per question. 
     - Your application will grade the quiz and indicate which question
        answers were correct and incorrect.

6. Data Analysis  (Last Assignment)
  - 40 points
  - You may work with a partner.
  - On your homepage, provide a link to your work.
 -  Download a real life data set( csv, xml file) then 
    provide an interface for a user to explore the data set.
    Basic functionality is acceptable  such as max and min values,
    ranges (top 10), averages, etc..
           Suggested sources for data sets:
              1. Several different data sets.
              2. Data set of the passanger list of the Titantic
              3. Data set ny.
              4. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics : https://www.bls.gov/data/
              5. Baseball : http://www.seanlahman.com/baseball-database.html
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