Final Project

Final Projects:

1. ***** UPDATE *************** 
    Due before June 14

2. Groups of 1 - 3 people.

3. Lab Time: June 5,6,7,9,12

4. Each person in the group should provide a link
   to the final project on their Homepage.

   Suggested Projects:

    a. A Mad Libs Simulator
        - Have a web page to allow the user to select the type of story,
 provide a drop down menu of choices,request the parts of speech
 for the story, then print the final story.

    b. Content Management System for a blog or portfolio.
        - Create a simple login/registration system, ability to add
 and edit content once you are logged in.

    c. Shopping Cart
        - Create a fake store and give people the ability to add
 items to their shopping cart and checkout.
          If you have time, try sending yourself a confirmation email
 once a person decides to buy things.

    d. Basic Forum
         - Login/Registration, make a topic, leave replies, edit content,
  delete content. Create different permissions for different
  users - simple users should only be allowed  to edit
  (not delete) the topics and replies that were created by them.
  Admins should be able to delete and edit anything.

    e. Exercise Generator
         - Have a database of exercises. Make users login and
  provide a list of exercises for them. Keep track of past
  performance for the users.

    f. Quiz App
         - Create quizzes with multiple options to answer.
  Score the quizzes.

    g. Data Science
         - Download a real life data set( csv, xml file) then
  provide an interface for a user to explore the data set.
    Sources for data sets:
     1. Several different data sets.
     2. Data set of the passanger list of the Titantic
              3. Data set ny.