2017-05-26 HW!

posted May 26, 2017, 8:19 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich
(I described this in class but forgot to post the full description)
Deadline: Wed May 31st.
You and your partner are submitting 1 prototype of your website. This will be a part of your final project grade. Do not blow this off.
0. Give an overview and a description of features.  
    -This should be printed out
1. Draw all of the pages on your site 
    -This can be hand drawn [neatly!] or printed.
    -For pages that have dynamic content, show the format, and a couple of examples
2. Label the pictures:
    -Draw arrows, and labels
    -D them to describe how they link together. 
    -If your diagrams are hand-drawn, you may wish to print out labels and descriptions to attach.

Of course, you are allowed to do this entirely digitally. Use some web tool to help you make this without hand drawing, and label directly on that.