2017-05-24 HW Final Projects.

posted May 24, 2017, 7:07 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich
Final Projects: (HOMEWORK!)
1. Pairs of students, select a partner and have a few ideas by Friday. Print out a list of your ideas and have 1 copy per group to hand in. 
2. Projects will be websites that will work with data on some level.

Project categories:
1. Data analysis/visualization 
-Get data from any public source, save the data files, have your site read through the data.
-Users will make selections (using forms) to filter, sort, and make calculations on the data.
-Website will display results, and/or graphs (research matplotlib), and possibly conclusions.

-Users can select which data to view
-select two sets of data to compare.
-compare graphically, or mathematically.
-users can select how to view results, or how much of the results to see. 

2. Users have accounts and the website will store some information about each user.
-give accounts to people you trust. Do not allow account creation!
-passwords must be stored as a hash (research: hashlib)
-have them test your site

some features you can implement:
-Users make posts
-Users can comment on / up or down vote posts. 
-Users can take quizzes, and the scores are all posted and ranked. 
-Users can send messages to eachother
-Users can rate movies/music/something. 

3. Some combination of both, would be a lot of work.