2017-02-01 - HW01

posted Feb 1, 2017, 6:16 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Feb 1, 2017, 9:46 AM ]
Regarding Homework:
1. I will no longer accept late assignments beyond one day. 
2. I will no longer accept more than 3 late assignments without extreme circumstances.
3. If you are absent, you will have an appropriate amount of time to make up the assignment, usually one day unless it was started in class. It is your job to ask about this.
4. The following heading for all homework assignments that are not web pages:

    Intro2, pd#

(in the future you may need to add the comment symbol when this header goes in your code)

HW01: To be submitted on the homework server before 8am tomorrow.
Student access to homework server: (your default password is your OSIS, you should change it right away)
2 parts
1. Download and install python 2.7.x here  (x = 13 right now, but that can change)
2. Submit a plain text file on the homework server that contains:  (if you aren't sure what a plain text file is, you should stop and figure it out!)
  1. Your header (I will not ask for this again on future assignments)
  2. Your primary computer's configuration, OS, internet connection (short description)
  3. Most exciting topic from term1?  (Why?)
  4. Most challenging topic from term1? (Why?)
  5. Your CS journey, skills, interests, etc. (Elaborate!)
This should demonstrate that you are willing to put in an effort to communicate the answers to me. It should contain complete sentences and thoughts. There is no minimum length, but it should be  

This is a nebulous description that helps me see who is lazy. Just so you know my reasoning...


I. Opening a terminal
keyboard shortcuts: (because faster is better)
  Ctrl - Alt - T   : open a terminal
  Ctrl - Alt - Delete, then press ENTER :  log out

II. Basic Python
What is python?
How do we run python programs?
What editor should we use?
Basic python code.
III. Development Environment
IDLE, but any plain text editor can change a python file.

Let's look at some python code:

#this line is a comment

#the next line is a print statement:
print 0

#the next line is commented out
#print 123

#this is a function we will talk about it later
def foo():
    print 1

print 2

def foo2():
    print 3

print 4