2018-06-01 HW

posted Jun 1, 2018, 6:16 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel

1. Your pokedex lab, must have a way to choose 2 pokemon to compare. This should be a form at the top of your table, that lets you enter 2 numbers(easier), or pokemon names (harder). When you submit it, it would show you those two pokemon compared at the top. 

2. Your prototypes must be updated to include the user tests you are doing this weekend. If you already did a good job on the prototype, then you don't have a lot of work to do. This prototype is 20% of your project grade. 
-Project description
-Data description / sources
-Images/Description of user interaction/forms AND what data they will display
-Project phases (breakdown of tasks) 
   -- Include COMPLETED, and pending phases.
-The Usability test*. (Each person does 1 test)
-THE CHANGES you are making to your design after the usability test.

3. Usability test (
-Design a task for a user to complete that you think is reasonable. 
    Find the 5 most expensive neighborhoods, in NYC. (on a real estate site)
    Compare the performance of the Mets and the Yankees. (on a sports site)
    Show the graph of age to shoe size. (on a site that has those data points)
-Show a paper printout of how your site will look / work, and see how they would interact with it. 
-Ask the person to think out loud when interacting with the site.
-Record the problems they had, and what things seemed clear to them.
-How can you re-design your interface?