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Summer Opportunities: July 5th - 24th
CSTUY is running its SHIP program for the 5th year, this year it is run out of the Microsoft Offices on 42nd street and 8th ave. 
This is an exploratory program with a relaxed environment where the goal is to try to build cool projects, not worry about tests / quizzes
You can bolster your technical skills and work with other people enthusiastic about CS. 
You will also be mentored by Stuyvesant Juniors that completed AP, while they work on their own cool projects.
Apply here if that sounds appealing:

Look for some interesting Data Sets that are formatted in a way you think you can use:
You can work together with classmates to find datasets.

DUE By Friday:
Have a partner.
Hand in a 1-2 paragraph proposal for your website. Explain what data you have access to and what you plan to do with it. 

DUE by Tuesday:
Have a prototype of your website. Include several views of the data, and what you want the user to be able to do (More on this later)

Final Project (Data Project) Requirements:
Part I
Either :
a)Take 2 different data sets and use python to find and display some relationship. 
    (Differences, clustering, correlations, etc)
b)Take a large data set that has a lot of parts to it, and find some trends/differences/correlations when viewing subsets of the data. 
    (e.g. different age groups, geographic locations, or other factors)

Part II(we haven't learned this yet)
Use interactive forms to allow the viewer of the website to select what they would like to see from the data set. 

Work with a partner on the project. Look at your partner's websites before you commit to a partner!

The following students must work alone: