2018-04-17 HW

posted Apr 17, 2018, 6:05 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel
Goal: Lists and Tables

Discussion tables + lists.

Easy Website Lab: (complete at home!)
Open a plain text editor (gedit)  note: You can use gedit on your own computers too! It is a small free download. 
Create an empty file and save it with the file name: webpage.html 
Open it in a web browser, so that you can see it in both HTML and Webpage view.
(You should have gedit + web browser side by side)
Now you can edit the file and view the contents in a web browser by reloading the page (F5 reloads)

correction from yesterday: You CAN open a file with a web browser the SAME way as with gedit.
$ gedit filename &                      \
            <note the & is used to prevent gedit from occupying your terminal

$ chromium-browser filename    
            < note that you do not need the & after a web browser

Create a webpage that looks like this one:
-Structure the page first, add the image last.
-A similar image is sufficient, but relative size is important.  (Google for a similar image)
-You may need to look up how to do certain things: 
    -center content