2018-04-13 HTML HW

posted Apr 13, 2018, 6:25 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel
General Info:
HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language
It is more or less a glorified document styling language, not a programming language. 

You use HTML to organize, arrange, and style your document, including all the things you would expect in a document editor:  
text: color/size/font , 
and of course links.

HTML is made using tags. 

Tags can wrap around things:
<tagname> things </tagname>

or be stand alone:

<b>This is bolded</b>
<i>This is italicized</i>

Would produce this output:
Oh? This is bolded
This is italicized

You need to know this much HTML. Each section (Basic elements onward) contains many tags. You need to know how they all work. It is not sufficient to just go through them once. You should focus on everything up to Links for now. 
Classwork / Homework: 
Go through the tutorials up to and including links. Go find other tutorials that help you learn this in a style you are comfortable with.
You will be asked to duplicate the appearance of a website using the tags that you are supposed to know. Keep in mind that is the goal of this unit: To be able to use HTML to get the appearance required. 
Deliverable: Make a webpage with simple content, but format it in a variety of ways to show you know that different tags exist, and how to use them.
Just write a few paragraphs about you. We will expand on this in a more formal "about me" page assignment. 

The reference that I like is W3Schools.hthttps://www.w3schools.com/html/

 They have a nicely organized reference and some tutorials. The nice thing about HTML is that there isn't much to understand. It is more about familiarizing yourself with the tags and knowing which tags exist so that you can use them. You may like other tutorials, but this is perfect if you need to look up something.