2018-02-01 HW01

posted Feb 1, 2018, 6:32 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Feb 2, 2018, 9:42 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel ]
Regarding Homework:
1. Everyone gets 4 late assignments for free! Beyond that, I will not accept late assignments. 
2. Late assignments should be no later than 1 day. 
3. If you are absent, you will have an appropriate amount of time to make up the assignment, usually one day unless it was started in class. It is your job to ask about this.

Regarding Exams:
1. The lowest grade will be dropped, provided you take all of the exams and quizzes. 
2. No make up exams. If you have a known reason to miss an exam (trip or something similar) then you can make arrangements with me and your trip organizer to take the exam.

HW01:   To be submitted on the homework server before 8am tomorrow
1. Log in to the homework server.
    Set your nickname, set your new password.
    VERIFY that they are both set.

2. Submit a plain text file on the homework server that contains:  (if you aren't sure what a plain text file is, you should stop and figure it out!)
Your header: 
    Last, First
    MKS22QA Period X 

1. Tell me your primary computers specifications: OS, Hardware (brief summary), internet connection, Primary usage (short description)
2a. What was the most exciting topic from term1?  (Why?)
2b. What was the most challenging topic from term1? (Why?)
3. Tell me about your CS journey, skills, interests, etc. (Elaborate!)
A few paragraphs should be sufficient. (Plus a list of the computer stuff)
*If your goal is to write as little as possible to get credit, then you will probably get less credit!

3. Download and install python 2.7.x here  (x = the highest number)


I. Opening a terminal
keyboard shortcuts: (because faster is better)
  Ctrl - Alt - T   : open a terminal
  Ctrl - Alt - Delete, then press ENTER :  log out

II. Change your password:
In the terminal type:

The terminal will then prompt you for your old password and new one twice. 
It will not show any letters or symbols as you type. This is normal. 
READ THE LAST LINE AGAIN before asking me questions about it not working.

III Basic Python
What is python?
How do we run python programs?
What editor should we use?
Basic python code.
IV. Development Environment
IDLE, but any plain text editor can change a python file.

Let's look at some python code:

#this line is a comment

#the next line is a print statement:
print 0

#the next line is commented out
#print 123

#this is a function we will talk about it later
def foo():
    print 1

print 2

def foo2():
    print 3

print 4