Instructor email:  

Some Assignments get submitted on the

Homework Server 

Office hours: 
Periods 7+8 in room 301.
-Drop-ins welcome, but not guaranteed to be seen.
-I can see people period 3 by appointment 
-If you have a quick question or issue, then just come ask 3/7/8.

After school upon request.

Class Discussion Board: 
To Be Determined

CS Dojo: 
A place to hone your skills, and practice with the guidance of caring supportive upperclassmen. 
(Will start soon)  Mon-Thur in 3073:40-4:40pm

Tools and References: 
How to CS at Stuy: http://tinyurl.com/howToCS2016

Python 2 download links: python.org 

OSX text editors:   textmate   Brackets
Windows text editors:   gedit   notepad++     

Collaboration coding, virtual machines: koding.com     cloud9 
Am I running 32- or 64-bit Windows?  Let's see...
Graphical FTP clients:  FileZilla (Avoid SourceForge!)  WinSCP (Windows only)   

Network Proxy: 
Press the ubuntu start menu circle (top left)
Type: network    
click on the network icon.
click on Network Proxy, switch it to manual then fill in:
HTTP:            Port:     3128
HTTPS:          Port:      3128
(3128 goes in the far right box of each line)
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