2014-12-15 Zombies Part II

posted Dec 15, 2014, 5:36 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Dec 15, 2014, 5:36 AM ]
Humans vs. Zombies part II, revenge of the ... zombies?

Get a copy of the working lab from your partner.

If your partner doesn't have a working lab the first thing you do is fix it with them.


New Zombie Behavior:

1. Zombie Shape
-You must use ticks now. Setup needs reset-ticks. Go needs tick.
-Use on-ticks instead of continuous to smooth your animation.

-Zombies should change their shape and color every 2 ticks. 
-Zombies should change their shape between two "zombie" shapes. 

2. Zombie Vision is limited to a cone
-Zombies now search for humans using a cone of vision, this has several consequences:
-Zombies have not only a vision radius, but they need a vision angle as well, set it to 120 to test, but later make a slider.
-Zombies only detect humans in their cone of vision

3. Zombie Vision should be displayed on the screen. 
-New interface element:  Make a toggle switch viewableCones. This will be true or false depending if the switch is on or off.
-When viewableCones is toggled on: Make the zombies change the color of the patches in their vision cone to yellow. Patches that leave the vision cone should revert to black.

4. Make a safe haven for humans:
-Make your world maxpxcor 32, and maxpycor 32. 
-Make an  11x11 square of blue patches in the middle of the board. Zombies cannot step on these patches, if they do, they must immediately move backwards.
-These blue patches should not be changed to yellow by the zombie vision cones.