Lecture 63: Final Project Requirements

posted May 28, 2013, 5:49 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated May 28, 2013, 5:49 AM ]
Teenagers can no longer grow up without being reminded of their mistakes because a full record of their lives is now stored on the internet.
-Eric Schmidt
Executive Chairman of Google

Overall Requirements:
-Each project should be of similar scope and difficulty as the sample ideas from earlier. 
-You should have some kind of register/login mechanism.
-You should have a reason to view/interact with other registered users. Messages, Profiles, Rankings etc.
-Each user should have some data that persists across multiple login attempts.
-One of your group is responsible for maintaining a record of your project over time, the other member(s) should synchronize with them. The format of storing your project is outlined below.
-You should have multiple versions of your project as the weeks progress.
-Each function should be written by a single person, and you should document this in a comment when you WRITE the function. As a result EVERY version should be completely commented. You should not try to comment them retroactively. 
-Every version should be working without errors, but 'working' doesn't mean it has all features enabled. 
-Every version goes into a new folder called 'versionxx' where xx is the version number. 
-All of your images, data files, etc. should go in the data directory, this way you only have copies of the html/py files. This means that your data files must link to "../data/filename"  (up a directory, into data, then file name)
-I will grade the highest version you have that is time-stamped before the late deadline.

Folders you need:

Some of you made the mistake of uploading your versions at the last minute. Every timestamp is created when you UPLOAD a file. The timestamp is not when you write the file! Please upload each working version AND TEST IT when you complete the version. If you do not do this, it looks like you waited to the last minute.