Lecture 62:

posted May 22, 2013, 6:21 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated May 28, 2013, 5:08 AM ]
1. Final Exam June 5th and or 7th to be decided soon.
2. You are getting one last day to your survey project in class. It should be completed by Friday.
3. You need to pick partners for groups of 2 or 3 for a final project, you will have a choice between 3-5 options for the project to be announced soon.
4. By Friday I would like suggestions for website based final projects. Well thought out developed ideas may make it into the choice of projects. You should be prepared to give a 1-2 minute explanation of your idea. I will ask for a few volunteers to explain their suggestions, and answer some questions. I will also pick a few random people to do this. Be prepared!

Some rough Ideas we have so far:
1. A forum with registered users. It would allow users to make posts, comments, and upvote/downvote posts/comments. (Think a simple Reddit)
2. A game matching site, that allows a registered user to other registered users. If the challenge is accepted: the two people play a turn based game. (Think a simple version of words with friends with a simple game like tic-tac-toe)
3. A site that allows registered users to create questions/choices for a survey, then link others to the completed survey to get results. (Think Simple Google forms)
4.?Maybe your idea here!
5.?Maybe your idea here!

Important things to remember:

1. AnalysisV2 are due 10pm tonight or (EDIT) 10pm on Tuesday. 
#for those of you that asked about the deadline over the weekend, I really should make it 8am... but originally I wrote 10pm, so I will honor that. 
1b. Your survey labs should be completed by tonight.
2. Final Projects are due the 10th , by 8pm but you will not incur late penalties until the 15th at 8pm. Please be mindful of your deadlines. 
3. Final Exam 5th. (Maybe 7th)
4. Days to work on project in class: 
 Friday 24th 
 Tuesday 28th 
 Wednesday 29th
 Friday 7th 
5. You must partition your final projects. Each person must identify what functions you wrote. If you want to work on a function together, split it up into sub functions. Basically think of it like everyone has their own functions that they are responsible for, they can get help/suggestions/etc from others, but the functions you are meant to do are supposed to be your own work. It should be very clear who wrote what, don't say half/half on a function. Most of the work will be done independently, time spent together should be for planning, and delegating tasks.