Lecture 59: Project analysisV2

posted May 17, 2013, 6:27 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated May 20, 2013, 5:58 AM ]
Today: Get feedback on your site, and work on your analysisV2 version 2.

On the horizon:
I expect a degree of maturity from you, if you leave things to the last minute, you will not meet my expectations. As a result, I would like revisions on your next project. Every day you work on the files and update them, I want you to make a backup of working copies as you make progress:   stuff14.py  stuff15.py etc, where the number is the day of the month. Every version should work. If you break something UNDO your changes and try something different! Do not leave anything broken. In IDLE you can use the "save a copy as" command to make a backup and name it anything you want. This will keep the original file loaded and allow you to continue working. 

Version 2 of your analysis project will in a NEW folder in your public_html called: analysisV2 (exactly, with a capitalized V and lowercase everything else)
Old requirements with minor updates:
*You must make this directory, if you are in a group then each member must have the folder. 
*You must write appropriate descriptions AND explain your journey/challenges/epiphanies etc. (more on this later)
*You must read data from files, they cannot be hard coded in your project.
*You must make python generated information in your project. 
New Requirements:
1. The data+analysis page should be merged into one page.
2. The data should be broken down into multiple pages: Only show a small amount of the data table at once, and provide a "next" and "previous" link. If you have a small dataset, you may want/need to use more data to allow you to do this. Use a field variable page=1, page=2 etc, to determine which page of the table you are displaying.
3. The user should be able to select/search/restrict what is being displayed.
**Search for a specific item
**select a range of items, or category: eg. boys girls 100-200, top 10 etc.

Here is a demo to give you ideas:

Incentive to work on the project over time and not all the last night:

This will be due Friday the 24th 10pm. 
If you are 1 day late, then you get no credit. 

If you have made at least 5 days of meaningful revisions you can have up to Tuesday the 28th 10pm. 
If you submit on the 29th or later then you get no credit.  

To clarify revisions:
Revisions should be at least 30+ minutes of working, not 30 minutes of staring at the screen and writing nothing. 
The timestamps matter, so don't change them! Dont move them or touch them. 
You should be working on your single project.py, and save a separate copy as project##.py for each revision.
You should comment what you did so far at the bottom of your python file in the following format:

#20th Added the function to sort the table by a column, incorporated the function to display...
#21st Fixed the function for sorting so that it sorts numerically instead of alphabetically...
#22nd .......
Each revision should have all previous revision's comments as well so I can skip around and understand what was done.