Lecture 02 + HW01*

posted Jan 30, 2013, 4:10 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Jan 31, 2013, 11:30 AM ]
Goal: Lots of clerical stuff, and to understand how websites work and how HTML is used.

Do Now:
1 - How do you change directly to your home directory?
2 - If your current directory is /your.name/Documents , what commands could you type ine the command line to change to /your.name/Desktop?
3 - What are two ways you can open a file?
4 - What is the syntax in the command line to open a file?

Important Links: (hand copy into your notebooks, then bookmark in your browsers)

Homework Server:
  • This server marks how early or late your submission is
  • The most recent upload replaces all priors (including if you add a comment)
  • After you submit an assignment, it is your responsibility to verify that it was submitted.
  • Right now: Log into the homework server. Your 4-digit ID is your password.
  • Update your profile on the homework server:
    • nickname
    • email
    • password
  • Close your browser, open it again, and test your new password.
  • Password safety*: Do not lose your password. Keep your password secure, write it down somewhere, and keep it safely hidden.

To change your password in the Lab:  
  • In the terminal, type in the command "yppasswd" without the quotation marks.
  • Follow the directions as you are prompted
  • Be careful as the password is invisible as you type it. This means you don't see a bunch of *'s as you type( ****** )
  • Backspace works as you would expect
  • Log out and log back in to test your new password.
  • *See password safety protocols from the homework server post above.

*an asterix on the homework number will denote that you need to submit it on the homework server. 
The assignment will still say how to submit the work, but it is easier at a glance to know what has a homework server requirement.

Part 1 
Fill out survey: 

Part 2:
To be submitted on the homework server tonight before midnight. 
Make a plain text file that contains:

I. The following heading (for all homework assignments) 

    IntroCS2, pd#

II. Then write a little bit about yourself:

  1. Your household computer configuration, primary OS (short description)
  2. Internet connection (who, how, bandwidth, why?)
  3. Most exciting topic from term1 (Why?)
  4. Most challenging topic from term 1 (Why?)
  5. Your CS journey, skills, interests, etc. (Elaborate!)
III. Upload it to the homework server under the HW01 slot. You can use any text editor you like. 

Optioinal: If you want to use gedit so you have the same tool at home and in school, here are the links to download gedit: