Lecture:: 01-08-2013

posted Jan 8, 2013, 6:24 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Jan 16, 2013, 8:20 AM ]
Final Project Schedule:

1/8 - Final Project Time + Short lecture regarding Zombies / Monsters
1/9  - Final Project Time 
1/10 - Final Project Time 
1/11 - Exam
1/14 - Maze Solver
1/15-1/18 Final Project Time * There may be 1 or 2 short lectures 

1/21 at 11:59 Project Due. Since you have working copies every day, I will deduct 20% of your grade every day late. Submit a 'zip' or 'rar' of all of your working copies along with your data files. If you don't know how to 'zip' or 'rar' files together use google/youtube to learn. (it is really useful)

Don't submit late. Submit your latest working copy ON TIME.

Final Project Methodology:

-Decide on one or two features you want to add first and try to get them to work.
-Levels or maps are not required (at first) to get your characters moving and working (partially)
-You should start with one or two level/map and test most functionality before working on multiple levels. (remember: Multiple maps are not as important as working characters)
-If there is a mathematical challenge to overcome, feel free to get outside help.
-When you have turtles move, remember everyone moves a little bit each time the go command triggers: Each Human,Zombie,bullet,etc moves one step in the go command, The bullet may move faster (take a bigger step) and then check if it collides each time it moves. [DO NOT: Make any single turtle move until something happens (like make a bullet move until it hits something, or make a turtle move in a pattern) or every OTHER turtle will wait for it to finish this motion.]

1. You are to keep a daily "working copy" for every day in class and every weekend you work on the code. If you already wrote something, that is your starting version. 
Save each version with the date. Please use the date: 09 10 etc in your filename. e.g.  Zippy09, Zippy10,Zippy11... Zippy19 etc.

Assuming you combine your work in class, or at the end of a weekend you must have at least these 8 versions submitted:
09, 10, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21 (final version)

You may create more versions, including versions on more dates or multiple versions on the same day such as 13a, 13b.

You will keep EVERY working version, and submit all of them together. Include all the versions of the nlogo files in the same folder, so they can use the same data files. DO NOT save each version in a different folder!

2. You are required to spend at least 30 minutes every night working on this code in addition to class time and at least 1 hour on weekends.  You have 8 school days (4 hours) + 2 weekends of at least 1 hour each: That gives you 6 hours X 2 people  = 12 hours of coding time MINIMUM. Coding time does NOT include making shapes. Turtle shapes are purely for show and are not a "requirement". If you want to make shapes it is because you want it to look cool, and that is encouraged, but please don't confuse "making shapes" with "coding time." However: The code that makes the shapes change or makes animation using multiple shapes DOES count

3. Class time: 8 days, lets say 30 minutes a day of combining code and coming up with how to proceed. Your time is best spent trying to put together what you worked on the night before, and fix problems you cannot solve on your own, with your group or even other groups that may be able to help. 

4. You must fill out the documentation tab with:
- COMPLETE instructions
- BUG list (EVERY version should have this to log what is wrong)
- Citations: You must cite and give credit to anyone that helps you or outside sources used. There is no MLA or any style of citation when talking about other people's netlogo code or projects, just explain who helped you or what you used as reference. When using other people's code as reference, that means you use it to figure out HOW to write yours, not use their code. 

5. You should maintain a "changes" document, to list any functional changes you made. (I don't care if you changed the colors or the images) 
-If you add or remove features, list it here. 
-If you remove a features, you should include the code that you removed OR a reference to which working version has the code.

Jan 9th:
-player breed
-player controls. 

Jan 10th:
-monster creation and movement
-player ability to interact with monster

Jan 11th:
- monster AI

Jan 12th
Design Change: 
-monsters to stay in place
-Monster AI (see version 10)

6. You are to document who writes what parts of the code as comments. If you both worked on something in class together, give an approximate % of how much each person contributed.  EVERY FUNCTION requires a comment as to who wrote it, or how much each person wrote.


;worked on this in class together 50/50
to foo
  ask patches [foostuff]
  ask turtles [otherFooStuff]

;Bob wrote at home
to foostuff

;Dave wrote at home, then we fixed it a little in class together
to otherFooStuff
;added this part in class: