HW N-1 (netlogo assignment 1)

posted Nov 16, 2012, 6:25 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Nov 26, 2012, 5:59 AM ]
(Due 11/19/2012) PRINTED.
Weekend Assignment: (Print the 'Bolded Questions' + Answers, and bring to class on Monday)
  1. Watch the video tutorials: (You already watched the "Introduction to Netlogo" video)
    • "Turtles Patches and Links" 
    • "11. Netlogo Docs-1"
  2. In netlogo, go to "HELP" -> "Netlogo User Manual". That will open a website with the user manual. Under the left menu there is a header "Introduction" that has a link to "Sample Model: Party". Click on it. 
  3. Do the Sample Model Party Activity. Then:
    • Answer all the BOLDED QUESTIONS before the "challenge" section. This is what you are bringing to class on Monday
    • Optionally: do the challenge questions.