1. Homework Policies

posted Oct 8, 2012, 4:18 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Oct 10, 2012, 6:18 AM ]
1. Unless otherwise specified your homework should be written with the assistance of a computer. You should run/test/re-test any homework you do.
2. If you are told to bring in homework to class it should be printed and brought with you. 
3. All homework should have your name and period and date on it. This should be at the top of your code, or the top of the printed page. It should be printed on a printed page, not handwritten as an afterthought. 

Homework Server specific:
H1. Your assignment must RUN. It is much better to get the wrong answer than it is to have your function crash when someone runs it. 
H2. Your function names must match mine. 
H3. It is better to submit homework a day late than have nothing work. 
H4. The student Menu on the homework server has 4 critical sections that you must use:
    a. Profile: must be filled out with your correct email address, and any nickname you want to be called in class.
    b. Grades: should be verified any time you get a test back. This is to prevent an error in copying the numbers to the computer. It is your responsibility to check this in a timely manner. Do not wait until the last week of class to tell me there are mistakes. 
    c. Submit Homework: It is important to select the correct assignment before submitting your homework. Failure to do so can cause old assignments to be erased, and no credit being given to either.  The comments here are meant for you to tell me anything specific about your submission. Do not ask questions here, as they are only read when assignments are checked. 
    d. View Homework: This is how you verify that you submitted things to the correct location. It is also a record of all homework that you submitted. This is also how you view comments if you did something wrong.

Scheme Specific:
S1. You must have a working copy of DrRacket at home. If it does not work, you must fix it before you do anything else.
S2. Homework should be done using R5RS unless you are instructed otherwise. 
S3. When solutions are posted, you should compare to what you wrote. If you handed in a hard copy, you should still have the rkt file at home to check.