2014-10-27 Stuyablo2

posted Oct 27, 2014, 1:38 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Oct 29, 2014, 2:41 PM ]
Complete the modifications to Stuyablo, submit on HW server by Thurs Oct 30th 11:59pm
(Now PART3 is required)
Primary New Feature it should have:
combat( Adventurer[] , Adventurer)   -> allow for player to control an array of Adventurers. 

How it should work:

1. Create a party of adventurers (Adventurer should be abstract, if you don't have a monk that is fine)
   1.1 Give a choice to make a default party vs a custom party.
   1.2 Custom party would allow you to choose the class and the stats of each member.
2. Fight a random opponent 
   2.1  The player an opponent alternate turns until someone loses.
        2.1.1 The player should lose if all player controlled characters lose all of their HP. (HP <= 0 is considered 'dead')
        2.1.2 The opponent should lose if he is 'dead'.
        2.1.3  Optional: The stats of the players/opponent are displayed at the start of each round.
   2.2  The player chooses what to do for each of his characters (attack, specialAttack) optionally more choices.
   2.3  Each character will perform the attack (it is sufficient to do this right after the selection is made)
   2.4 The opponent chooses a player character to attack and decides to attack or specialAttack. 
   2.5 The opponent should not attack 'dead' characters, nor should they attack after they become 'dead'
   2.6 The player should not be able to attack with 'dead' characters, nor attack a 'dead' opponent.
   2.7 The results of combat should be displayed. 

3. Give the option to STOP, or FIGHT AGAIN against another opponent, after you win or lose one combat session. This is for testing purposes rather than having to recreate a party... 
   3.1 Heal the player's party (Health, and resource)
   3.2 Make a new opponent (Should be alive and ready to fight)
   3.3 Start combat again