2014-09-28 HW6 update

posted Sep 29, 2014, 12:29 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Sep 30, 2014, 8:56 AM ]
* The account number should be a 9 digit number between 100 000 000 and 999 999 998 (no spaces). If a parameter is not a valid account number, set the value to 999 999 999 and print an error message to the screen about the problem. (Notice that 999,999,999 is not a valid value). This change should be reflected in your constructors as well as mutators.
* Change withdraw and deposit to only allow for positive values. Negative values will cause no change in the balance. (This is not a successful outcome)
* Change withdraw so if the account does not have enough money, nothing is changed, and an error message is printed. (This is not a successful outcome)
* Both withdraw and deposit will return true if the command was successful, and false when they are not successful.
* Write an authenticate method that takes an account number, and password as parameters. It returns true if the two values match the account number and password in the object, and false otherwise. 

Replace your old version on the homework server with an updated file that has these changes.