2014-04-09 PROJECT

posted Apr 9, 2014, 5:25 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Apr 9, 2014, 5:37 AM ]
Vacation assignment due Friday April 25th. If it does not exist you get an irrevocable zero. (Permanent, Eternal)
Convert your madlibs to a website. This will  be weighted like a quiz. If you don't put in the effort, you will invariably lose a bunch of points. There is a "They did a lot of work" factor that you have to show me considering you have so much time to work on it. 

1. You are required to make your madlibs better than the minimum required earlier. This means if it worked perfectly, but didn't do anything extra, like names, repeating words, capitalization, plural... then you better make it do some of those things. 

2. The website should use CSS. You should do things like:
-make a good color scheme
-highlight the replaced words somehow
-change the fonts, borders, etc.

3. Any improvements would be welcomed, but don't just copy your profile!!!!

Store your files in a directory called madlibs.

Today's Notes: 

Your job for lab12 today, is to make a website using python. I show you some really basic ideas and you show me your epic HTML+Python skills.

Directions For making a python file that makes a website: (Whenever you have a site that doesn't work, return to this troubleshooting page)

1. Make a python file, and put in the 1st three lines exactly like this:
print 'content-type: text/html'

2. Save the file somewhere in your public_html

3. on the terminal,    chmod +x  /path/fileYouJustMade.py
(you have to choose the correct path and filename)

4. Open the website in a browser by navigating to marge.stuy.edu/~your.name/fileYouJustMade.py 
You should see a BLANK page. No errors, no text.

5. If this causes an error, fix parts 1-4.


6. Add more python code.

7. Refresh the website. If it crashes and you don't know why, type the following on the terminal:
python /path/fileYouJustMade.py
and it will print the errors.

Now go forth and make a website that uses python to print out things.... I will look through what you made. Link this py file to your assignments.html, it is called lab12.