2014-02-15 + HW

posted Feb 14, 2014, 9:49 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Feb 22, 2014, 12:08 PM ]

This is your LAB + HW it should be done by the Wednesday you get back. Bonus point if it is done before Saturday Morning 2/22)

PART1. You are adding a file, assignments.html where you link to all of your assignments, here is my lame version, you can do better:


You must have links to the following in your assignments.html :  (Read part2 before you do this, because part2 may change locations of files)

1. lab00    (this is that first page.html you made)  

2. lab01a.html , lab01b.html

3. profile   (this is your assignment as of Friday the 15th.)

You must subsequently update this assignments page when you complete new assignments.

PART2. You must arrange your public_html folder in a relatively neat and orderly fashion. 

Notice in my home directory, I created a lab01 folder, because there may be many files associated with lab01. 

Look at how my home directory is arranged: http://marge.stuy.edu/~konstans/

***You will need to make a folder for any project that contains more than just a single HTML file.  

PART3. You must make a profile page. This should be a webpage about you! It should be better than my challenge page both in aesthetics, and in content complexity/quality. Write about yourself, your hobbies/interests, compsci history, etc. 


1. Use the tags you have learned. You don't have to use absolutely every tag, but you probably should use most of them. Find a use for a table for sure. 

2. Make it look better using css. On marge: ~konstans/colors/  has an example, and you can read tutorials on CSS to find out how to make it nice looking.

  • You must use CSS to use colors/fonts etc (external or internal are both fine)
  • CSS requires a little bit of effort, but you get much better looking text. 

3. You should link back to your assignments.html

4. While making this profile, please feel free to post "cool stuff I did" as a response to this thread, or start new threads with questions about css, or even a nice CSS basic tutorial. 

5. Look at some other people's profiles, and try to make yours better by including some features that they included that you don't know how to do yet. Learn by doing!


Don't post music, videos, or large animated gifs.

Don't post anything personal about other people. 

Bottom line, you should use common sense. 



1. Everyone should pay attention to file names.

-Spelling matters  (lab 01.html with a space is wrong, assignment.html with no s is wrong.)

-Capitalization matters. (Page.html is wrong)

-File Extensions matter. (page with no .filetype or page.htm is wrong)

2. A directory is not an html file. Naming your folder assignments.html, or assignments and putting other files into it is not correct.

Go to my public_html folder: http://marge.stuy.edu/~konstans/

Look at my assignments.html, and my lab00/ folder for an example of how things should basically look. (Not exactly, basically: You will not have maze or colors, and you will have completed lab01, and profile)

3. Finally remember to update your assignments.html every time you upload new files, or change directories. If you don't do this correctly, and you have an index.html in your directory, then I cannot find things and you get no credit.