2014-02-11 + HW

posted Feb 10, 2014, 7:37 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 7:55 PM ]
Goal: Basic HTML tags

DO NOW: (on paper)
You have 5 minutes give an example how each tag is used and write what it does
1. <br>
2. <hr>
3. <b>
4. <i> 
5. <h1>

6.  <h1>  vs.   <h6>   Explain how are they different.

7. How are these tags different from 1-5 ?
<!--   text  -->

Classwork: (on the computer)
  • Make a webpage that uses all of the tags you learned in class so far. This is just to make sure you can use all of the basic HTML we learned so far.
  • Use the command gedit to open a text editor that you can write your page with. (You may use other editors but this will be the supported one) *I will also support emacs*
  • As you make changes to the file, the HTML file with a web browser to see if the HTML looks the way you expect it to.

A. Start to write a 2 reference sheets.Bring in a printed copy tomorrow. (You can print them on the same page to save paper if you like. 
1. TERMINAL COMMANDS reference sheet, of all the commands you should know so far. 
2.  HTML reference sheet of all the HTML tags you should know so far. 
You may wish to make a Coogle doc and update it as you learn new things. 

B. Research how to create a hyperlink, image, and bulletpoints. We will discuss it in class tomorrow as if you already read how to do it.