posted Dec 19, 2013, 5:42 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Dec 19, 2013, 10:47 AM ]
5 Urgent Points:
1. You have a test tomorrow. Worry about that first.
2. If your zombie1.nlogo was really bad, and your partner is suffering, you will fix it by tomorrow. Email them the copy directly.
3. If your partner hasn't provided you with a working zombie1 lab, and you didn't get a different person's working one in class, a link to a working one will be provided for you tomorrow. 
4. In your zombie2 lab, comment at the top which copy you were working on. (Either your partners, a differnet persons, or the one I provide)
5. Submit zombie2.nlogo by Monday 11:59pm on the homework server.

Humans vs. Zombies part II, revenge of the ... zombies?

copy the zombie1.nlogo from your partner's folder to your folder using cp:

cp target_file_and_path new_file_and_path
such as

cp  ../user.name/Documents/zombie1.nlogo  ~/Documents/zombie2.nlogo
this means:
copy   user.name's zombie from documents, into    your Documents using the name zombie2


New Human Behavior:
-Humans with stamina < 4 change shape to a "tired_person"
-Use the shapes editor to make a tired person spend no more than 2 minutes to do this.

New Zombie Behavior:
-Zombies should change their shape and color every 2 ticks. 
-Zombies should change their shape between two "zombie" shapes. 
    If you made a "zombie" shape make a 2nd shape that is slightly different than the original zombie shape. 
    If you didn't make a zombie shape, make a 2nd person shape, (other than tired person) that is slightly different from the original person.
-Zombies now search for humans using a cone of vision, this has several consequences:
   -Zombies have not only a vision radius, but they need a vision angle as well (make a slider)
   -Zombies only detect humans in their cone of vision
New interface element:  Make a toggle switch viewableCones. This will be true or false depending if the switch is on or off.

-When viewableCones is toggled on: Make the zombies change the color of the patches in their vision cone to yellow. Patches that leave the vision cone should revert to black.
-Use ticks to smooth your animation.

Make a 5x5 square of blue patches somewhere on the board. Zombies cannot step on these patches, if they do, they must immediately move backwards.
These blue patches should not be changed to yellow by the zombie vision cones.