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Here is the last exam with solutions. I truly apologize but due to the unavoidable time constraints that my absence and health issues caused, I was not able to return it in a timely manner. Please feel free to look over the exam and solutions over the weekend for additional practice. I will post the grades on the Homework server. 

You are working on the edge detection lab today. 

Remember to use the patch-at command to easily access the neighbors. Example: Patch-at 1 1   refers to the patch up+left from the current patch. use the dictionary!

IMPORTANT Fill out this form:

1. Have all patches decide if they should be an edge.
THEN (meaning after the 1st operation is completed by EVERY patch)
2. Have all patches that are edges change to an edge color. Optionally make the non-edges change white.

For part 1:
 Calculate the vertical and horizontal difference and compare those numbers to a deciding number. You can make the deciding number in the calculation a slider, so you can adjust the sensitivity. 

For part 2:
Edges can be: 
-Colored based on the original color of the patch
or (more challenging)
-A shade of grey based on how strong the edge is.

Samuel Konstantinovich,
Jan 23, 2014, 9:48 PM