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Test Prep homework: Complete the two exams Over the next two weeks.
Ignore any : case study / gridworld problems. (so there are only 3 part II questions, and 15% fewer part 1 questions)

APCS  Barons Review Book 2008

Part I + Part II questions in this: (Practice Exam Three, Pages 609-641)  [skip the questions 34-40]
Part I + Part II questions in this: (Practice Exam One, Pages 5-38) [skip the questions 35-40]

1. Do these in 4 sittings under test conditions for each part, use paper, not the computer. You can use the reference allowed on the AP, but it won't help much. You have 2 weeks to find the time to do this!
[I am giving you approximate reduced times because of gridworld problems you don't need to do]
1hour  for part 1  ( per each of the 2 sections )  
1hour 15 minutes for part 2  ( per each of the 2 sections ) You probably won't need the full time for part II problems.
2. Go over the answers and see what you got wrong. Read the explanations so that you know why you got it wrong, and so that you know what you need to know.
3. Make a list of problems you were not 100% confident in your understanding. Include any code or scrap work you wrote. You must bring this in on the  April 27th. (You have 2 weeks including 2 weekends to do these problems.) We will discuss this in class and go over some problems in groups and as a class. 

Code from class:
private boolean solve(boolean animate, int mode){

		Frontier rest = new Frontier(mode);
		Point start = new Point(startx,starty);//startx and starty are instance variables in my maze class
rest.add(start);//put the start into the Frontier boolean solved = false; while(!solved && rest.hasNext()){ if(animate && !solved){ System.out.println(toString(true)); } //get the top Point next = rest.remove(); //check if solved if(maze[next.getX()][next.getY()]=='E'){ //solved! solved = true; addCoordinatesToSolutionArray(next);
													//my point class has a reference to previous points, so the solution will be determined from the final point
						//not solved, so add neighbors to Frontier and mark the floor with x.
						for(Point p : getNeighbors(next)){

		return solved;