posted Nov 20, 2013, 7:53 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Nov 20, 2013, 7:53 PM ]
Since I am gone again due to jury duty, you should use your time wisely. 

1. Complete your SuperArray class, and compare it to ArrayList. They should work the same way if you make an ArrayList<String> and a SuperArray<String> .
2. Continue work on your party combat. 

This is the official assignment, It will be due Monday, so you have 5 days to work on it. Don't tell me that is not enough!

Your Final version of this project should:
1 -Allow you to configure your party somehow. It doesn't have to be super elaborate.
2 -Spawn a list of opponents that your party can fight. 
3 -When you win, divide the experience between the LIVING party members + level up if needed. 
4 -Allow the party to continue with another random encounter. (e.g. go to step 2)

To allow multiple character combat, allow for 1 or more Characters in an ArrayList to be passed into the playerCombat method. 
-The player can control the characters in the players list. 
-For each character, the player can choose an action and a target.
-The target can be any of the Characters in the others list. 
-The others list is computer controlled. 

Nice to have bits:
-At the end of every round restore your characters to full health (revive all dead chraracters.
-The opponents that you fight against should vary in difficulty based on your party's levels. 
-If the 2nd list contains a princess or pony, have a random chance of triggering special attacks. 

Ask for clarification NOW, not over the weekend. Please poke holes in my logic as early as possible