2016-01-07 Finalproject

posted Jan 7, 2016, 5:03 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Jan 7, 2016, 5:03 AM ]
Final Projects!

Informal Proposal Friday - Have an idea what you want to do, so you can start to work on prototype. The longer it takes to agree on things the less time you have to work on the prototype.

Prototypes Due Monday - Part of final project grade
Format something like this:
That is not an example of a good prototype (The 2nd page is an explanation of what you add, not a sample prototype)
It should include as many diagrams you need to convey your project idea. The goal of the prototype is to give you some guidelines or a roadmap to follow.

(Point values subject to change, for a few days while I refine the different components of the assignment)

Final project - 70 points (exams are typically 48-52 points, final exam is 100 points)

10 points: 
Prototype - 

15 points: 
    -The documentation tab should describe the features of the project
    -Describe what I should do to see how awesome your project is (directions, on how it works, and what to try so I don't miss cool features)
    -What bugs your project currently has
    -Day by day breakdown of who did what

20 points: 
Both partners worked on the project throughout the 2 week period. (there will be several HW server slots that at least one partner must submit working files to) - There will be a quiz on the last day that will test your knowledge of the parts of the project you did. Work implies CODING, not just art/design/music. 

25 points:
The actual project 
    -Does it work? 
    -Does it clearly indicate what is happening when I run it?
    -Is it a sufficiently rigorous project? (doing something similar to any previous labs without significant improvement is totally insufficient, you should NOT use any prior lab as "base code" because you can do better now)