2015-12-22 ImageLab update and Submit Labs

posted Dec 22, 2015, 4:51 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Dec 23, 2015, 4:44 AM ]
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-You must submit LabN07 and labN08 now!
-The completed LabN09 is due the Tuesday after you get back from vacation.

Do Now:

Write a function 
to-report primaryColor [c]

c is any valid color.
It returns the same color but replaces the last digit with a 5. 

primaryColor 11   returns 15

primaryColor 29   returns 25

primaryColor 55   returns 55

This makes it so if someone selects a color 11 (dark red) instead of 15 (red) you can 
easily calculate the beginning and ending bounds of the color.

LabN09 ImageProcessing Update:

1. Grayscale
2. Blur
3. EdgeDetect
4. Make a variation of edge detect, that is a little more interesting. (Do not just switch black and white!)
  - colored edges
  - grayscale edges (looks like a sketch)
  - cartoon effect
5. Now you will add color replace!

Color replacement:
Make two input widgets, and make them type: Color.

When you run color replacement you take all colors that are in the same color group as the start color, and shift them to the end-color color band. 

If start color is red(15), and end color is yellow(45), all values from 10-19.99 get replaced with values from 40-49.99. Note: The values should just shift up 30, so that they are the same brightness.
11 -> 41
19 -> 49

If start color is dark red(12), and end color is bright yellow(48),the same thing happens. You can use the do now function to help you make this part work.