2015-09-16 HW03

posted Sep 15, 2015, 9:40 PM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Sep 17, 2015, 4:43 AM ]

HW03 - Send an email from your stuy.edu address to me: 

Subject of email:  (spaces matter, only change the <> )
MKS21 2015 Period<x>: <LastName>, <FirstName>
MKS21 2015 Period2: Smith, Will

Reflect on the question 1 below, and spend about 12 minutes writing a 'journal' like response to question 1. 
Question 2 is more factual, and should not take long. 

In the body of the email please respond to the prompts:  
1. Regarding both computers + computer science
What are some misconceptions that you had before OR important things you learned so far in this class?
2. Describe your home computing environment. What is your primary computer + OS, other internet connected devices.