2016-05-12 Final Project Guidelines

posted May 11, 2016, 8:45 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated May 11, 2016, 9:13 AM ]
Final Project Guidelines:


You make a new repo for your group.
You need to have in your repository:
1 The readme.md file that I can see when I first go to your repo. The readme should include:
       -Team name, 
       -Project name / description
       -*Development Log (daily progress since y'all never commit with good messages) 
       -*Project plan/outline including your goals prioritized by importance and chronology (things to do + things already done)
       -*Links to the Demo versions, what they show about the state of your project, Directions on how to compile/run each version. (e.g. what to do to clone the right version)

2 Stable "demo" versions, that show off what you did so far. This is part of your anti-procrastination grade!
 -*May 23rd,
 -*June 7th (final version, FINAL DEADLINE)

3 You now should learn make a branches other than "main". Make a "development" branch for each member. Development branches for each member of the team for when they are modifying the code/adding new features. Use your development branch when you start to mess with things and potentially break them.
*The main branch should always compile and be demo-able. 

If someone finds a nice tutorial that explains "branching and merging for dummies", post it so everyone benefits.

*'ed things will affect your grade.

Every group will give two short presentations. 
Demo1: The Mon/Tues/Wed of the week of the May 23rd. 2-3 minutes each
Demo2: The Mon/Tues/Wed of the the week of June 7th. 3-4 minutes each.  
Unless notified ahead of time, the code is expected to run on the school computers. 

Showing code isn't important, but explaining the algorithms, or how things worked in general is important.