2014-02-06 + HW

posted Feb 6, 2014, 8:34 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 8:34 AM ]
Due to my absence, all you have to do is set up gridworld on ALL student accounts. After you get it to work, log out and help others that don't have it working / don't have working computers.

Gridworld files are found on your computers here:

You can copy the files to your home directory in several ways:

cp /home/support/konstans/java/grid/GridWorldCode.zip  <TARGET LOCATION>
where <TARGET LOCATION> is a directory that exists such as: 
~/Documents/gridworld/    (notice the / at the END of the line, that means it is a directory not a file name)

lets assume you made ~/Documents/gridworld/ and copied both files there.

unzip GridWorldCode.zip
unzip XBugSampleCode.zip
javac -cp .:~/Documents/gridworld/GridWorldCode/gridworld.jar  XBug1Runner.java
OR as a shortcut that only works when you are in the gridworld directory:
javac -cp .:GridWorldCode/gridworld.jar  XBug1Runner.java  

Finally run the test:
java -cp .:~/Documents/gridworld/GridWorldCode/gridworld.jar  XBug1Runner

1. Fill out the form from yesterday if you haven't done so. If you don't do this you will start to gain severe penalties every day that you do not complete it... When you build up enough 'penalty points' I will point and laugh at you. Also you won't be on the mailing list. 

2. Find a tutorial, either a website or series of videos, and post your link, and your thoughts on the mailing list that will be set up today. If you like the link someone else posted, or found the same website, reply to their thread on the mailing list and comment on what you thought about it. I want everyone to share their ideas on the mailing list after I set it up today, and learn to set up a filter so the mailing list goes to a folder in their gmail instead of their inbox. 

The tutorials should explain either of the following:
a) how to set up gridworld on your computer
b) a broad overview of gridworld / using gridworld

If you have problems getting gridworld working, focus on finding (a) to get it to work, othewise focus on (b). 
If you didn't get gridworld working yesterday, it should be working at home after you complete this