2017-12-07 Zombie Lab Partner Swap

posted Dec 7, 2017, 6:01 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated Dec 7, 2017, 7:38 AM ]
Goal: Humans vs. Zombies part II, revenge of the ... zombies?

-If you both finished (or very close to finished) your labs: 
    Get a copy of the working lab from your partner. They should email it to you.

-If you BOTH don't have a working lab, work on your own labs and help each other! I will walk around too. AFTER it works, then email your code to each other and do today's lab.

-Think about using the patch-ahead command. Look it up!


also: use (blue + 3) instead of blue. 

1. Setup should make 2 safe havens for humans:
-Setup must make:
   --an  11x11 square of blue patches on the left side of the screen.
   --an  11x11 square of white patches on the right side of the screen.
   --These should be randomly positioned, but should not wrap around the world to the other side.
    hint: Pick the center of the square such that it is not close to a border and not close to the middle of the screen.

2. Zombie behavior modification:
-Zombies cannot step on the white/blue patches.
-Zombie Vision does not detect humans when they are in either safe haven (blue or white patch) 
-When zombies kill a human, they should just change the breed of the human to zombie, and change the color to a zombie color. 

3. Final Human Behavior: (try to get to a specific safe haven)
-Humans get a new variable "safeColor" which is set to blue or white randomly when they are created.
-When they are on a blue or white square that matches their safeColor, they will stay in that color, and not step on black patches anymore. 
-When they are not on their proper safeColor, the humans will still wiggle normally.
-Set the human label to "B" or "W" based on their safeColor.

4. Add some chaos!
Make a button to make 10% of the humans chosen randomly, to change their safe color. 
This will make the humans wiggle around to try to find the other safe haven. 

5. Make a line graph to track:
Number of zombies
Number of humans
Number of humans in their preferred safe haven color

Homework: Bring in tomorrow!!!!
- On paper, show all the work/diagrams/calculations to create the safe zones.