2017-11-13 HW

posted Nov 13, 2017, 5:58 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel
Model Library Assignment: 
Weighted as 30 points (a tad more than half a test) 
Due Monday 2017-11-20: The 1 page summary
Followed by a 3-minute presentation of EACH group over the weeks to follow.

You will pair up with another student of your choice. I may modify some pairs if I see cause to do so. You have until tomorrow 2016/11/17 to choose a partner. Tomorrow all people with no partner can have a discussion so that all members of the class are paired up. You do not have to sit next to your partner, you do not get class time for this. You will be required to collaborate outside of class.

Research:  Choose a model from the NetLogo models library.
You may not choose a game.
You may not choose a "code sample".
I will review which models were chosen in class tomorrow so that we do not have duplicates.

You should choose a simulation of something you find interesting because you will be learning about that particular model by looking at the documentation tab, and the code tab. (You can experiment by modifying the code if you like) 

Please ask questions about the specifications BEFORE the weekend. 

-You must explain how the model works - Big ideas mainly. (Be prepared to answer questions from me or the class.)
-You must closely examine at least two large ideas that we haven't learned in class.
-You may highlight any code that you thought was particularly elegant, or that helped you understand an idea.

1. Submit a summary of findings: 1 page typed + any diagrams. This is to be submitted on Monday. This includes much of what will be in the presentation. 
I will then call random groups to present, 2 per day until we are done.

2. Presentation : 3-4 minutes. 
Your presentation should NOT be you and your partner reading the summary. 

I will cut you off at 4 minutes unless you speak to me ahead of time. 
-Both members must speak for approximately half of the time. (Switch who is controlling the program)
-Give an overview of how the model works. 
    --First, give a very short demo of WHAT it does. One person should be talking, the other should be demonstrating the model.     
    --Explain the big ideas and any new features that were not gone over in class.
    --Give some details about the core features and how they are implemented. 
-DO NOT SHOW CODE. The goal is not to go over the code line by line.
-You should DO A PRACTICE PRESENTATION, and TIME YOURSELF over the weekend (use skype or whatever) so that you are prepared.