2017-10-13 HW

posted Oct 13, 2017, 6:26 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated Oct 13, 2017, 7:14 AM ]
It's FRIDAY! (Triskaidekaphobia be damned!)

Lab - Explore properties and how to change them using commands!
You MUST record definitions, AND answer some question in your notes.
1. Log in and run netlogo.
2. In your notebook:
-List all of the turtle properties from the property sheet.
-For each property:
  -use the set command to change them: 
  -Write a description of what it is.

set heading 90
set heading heading + 30

shape is always a string! like "cow" with quotes!

3. Now click on the help menu, and select the Netlogo dictionary.
     -Look up the set command and see how it is explained.
     -Loop up the random-xcor command, the random-pxcor command. 
            In your notes: about the differences! Test the commands in the command center

4. Try the following:
Part 1:
Create 300 turtles. 
Move them each to a random location around the world.
In your notes : What is the difference VISUALLY  when you use random-xcor and random-pxcor ?

Part 2:
Predict the result before you try this:
Try to move them randomly again with the pen down before they move. 
In your notes: Does it behave as expected? What did you expect/what happened?

Part 3:
Try to move them to random locations but ONLY in quadrant 1. You do not need if-statements for this. Use your math functions (you can look them up)
Hint: What are numerical properties about x and y in quadrant 1?

Part 4:
create 100 turtles
put their pen down
move them to random positions in quadrant 1
move them all to random positions in quadrant 3
Right-click the world and uncheck world wrap (both x and y)
move them all to random positions in quadrant 2 or 4.

Watch netlogo videos:
 2A/B, 3A/B, 4A/B