posted Oct 4, 2017, 6:09 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated Oct 5, 2017, 6:05 AM ]
Goal: Bad Software and the Internet

Discuss with a neighbor then write your conclusion on Paper: 
1. You want to run a program, so you click on an icon to open the program. Describe the process by which running this program would occur.
 -Assume your computer just rebooted (so only the OS is loaded into memory)
 -Assume the program you want to run is already installed on your hard drive.
2. What would the consequence be if you did not have a lot of RAM?
3. What would the consequence be if you had a very slow hard drive?

Some categories of software that you might want to have: 
        Purchase / Subscription / Freeware / Shareware / Trialware / Abandonware

Some categories of bad software
        Ransomware / Malware / Spyware  (What it does)
        Virus / Trojan (methods of delivery)

Question/Answer period! Ask about computer-related things. (We will have several of these discussions)