2017-09-14 HW04

posted Sep 14, 2017, 6:16 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich   [ updated Sep 14, 2017, 7:09 AM ]

1. Before you have internet access you need to set your proxy settings.
Log in.
Click the Ubuntu circle, type network and click on the network icon.
Go to the proxy tab and select manual

-add the following to TWO lines of the proxy setup tab: http / https 
port: 3128  (the right empty box with +- buttons)

Here is a site which we will use for some scheme practice.
-Click on simple calculations to get a reduced list of problems.
-Test your code will run your own test cases.
-Submit code will run the built in test cases, and tell you if you are correct.

2. Complete as a warm up: 

-You should NOT write anything on the computer until you have an idea of the solution! Solving problems does not require any computer, the computer is used to help you fix your syntax, or help you realize your solution is not working. (This isn't important when you are just translating a formula)
-You should use paper to jot down ideas, and help you organize your problem solving.
-You should feel free to come up with ideas using your neighbors as support. 
-You should write and test your code in drracket and then paste into the website! (This is much easier than typing into the website directly.)

3. LAB
Remember your tools so far:
+,-,/,*,quotient,remainder, sqrt, define
There is also an exponent function!
(expt a b)   evaluates to: a to the b power.
(expt 3 2)  is 3 squared.
(expt 2 3) is 2 cubed.

This is a lab, that you will complete at home (all labs will just be labeled as Homework)
-Go to SchemingBat
Under simple calculations:
a-Cicle Area
c-getOnesDigit  (This is your first problem to solve. It is not just a formula. Discuss with a neighbor, think out loud with each other!)
Under All exercises:
f-Newtons Gravity
h-Quadratic Solver Plus

Submit your lab as a comment in HW04 on the HW server. 
(Slot will be there by the end of the day)
Include your Functions AND any test cases you used to help you code.