2017-10-12 HW

posted Oct 12, 2017, 6:19 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated Oct 13, 2017, 7:42 AM ]
Quiz Percentiles:
25th - 18 (70%)
50th - 22 (85%)
75th - 24 (92%)
Since the max score was 26, the % will be out of 26.

Goal New Language: Netlogo

If scheme was difficult, you should understand that catching up is really hard, so do not fall behind again! 

Netlogo is different than other languages you will learn here. It has many more commands and features than anyone will need to know/use. We learn a small subset of them for this class, and you will learn more of the commands as you need them for your individual projects. 

Netlogo Tutorials:

Your homework this week will be to watch some of these videos. I will randomly quiz you on the videos a day (or two) after you watched them. 
When I say watch the video:
-Watch ONLY that video, and focus on it. Do not multitask.
-Watch them more than once if you need to (they are short)
-Perform the indicated Exercises
-View the Answers to the exercise.

You will be able to look at tutorials in netlogo to go at your own pace, if your pace is faster than the rest of the class. HOWEVER, you should rewatch the video when they are assigned for quiz purposes.

To run netlogo, just open a terminal (control + alt + T ) then type:   netlogo
and press enter.

There are contexts you must be aware of. If you type a command in the wrong context it doesn't make sense.

-observer commands
create-turtles x
create-ordered-turtles x

-turtle commands
forward x
back x
right x
left x

Universal commands (like math operations)
repeat x [ ONE_OR_MORE_STATEMENTS ]      
  repeat 5 [ forward 2 right 30 ]
OR for readability:
  repeat 5 [ 
     forward 2
     right 30

Make a list of all of the commands that you try, and describe what they do. 
Pay VERY close attention to the difference between:
create-turtles  and create-ordered-turtles

 Watch videos: (under 12 minutes of video, plus some messing around in netlogo)
-Introduction to Netlogo. 
-Turtles and Patches.
-1 Turtles Properties (both Exercises and Answers) 

Final Warning: quizzes are always possible regarding tutorial videos. The quiz is to see if you watched it. It mentions things that you would only know if you watched the videos. They are not testing if you understood the videos, just that you at least watched.