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Your homework for the remaining days of class is to attempt to write the solutions and post about any issues you have on the mailing list. 
Posting about better/best ways to do things is also a good idea.
Also - There will be a survey to take on Thursday or Friday. You MUST complete it even if you are absent. 

Practice Final and an extra practice question!
2016 question 3 has 2 correct choices
The Practice Question is not a full final, more like 60% of one. 

Updated Reference Sheet:

Final Exam Time: 2pm
Final Exam Rooms:
p3 ----- 337
p4 ----- 404
p8 ----- 433


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The project submission instructions will be discussed in class. 
The deadline will be moved to the end of the day (5pm) so that you can see your partner in class, and use the dojo if needed. 

Jan 5th 5pm: 1st Code submission
Jan 9th 8am: 2nd code submission
Jan 12th 8am: 3rd code Submission
Jan 16th 8am: Final Version + Modified Prototype handed in 
Jan 16th - 19th Demos
Jan 22nd Final Exam 

Tips on collaboration:
-Agree on the current version every day. This is your WORKING copy.
-Get a new feature to work on your "beta" copy, then copy that feature onto the working copy.
-If two people need to add features to the working copy, do this together, in person or use screen sharing. So if you both changed something, you can work out the issues.
-Use Dropbox to share your working version and your two beta copies. This way you always have access to everything.

Think of the middle line as the working copy, and Task A / Task B  are the 2 people making changes.

You must start to develop your documentation starting today.
1 - The info tab must include a complete description of your project you can create your own categories or remove some if the default info tab is not sufficient.
    -Extending a model : You can expand on the two sections: How it works / How to use it so that you clearly explain what you changed/added. 
2 - The info tab should include a development log with a summary of what you did. This should be updated EVERY day that you work on it. 
3 - Place a comment at the top of EACH procedure/method that you work on, each DAY that you work on it.
;01-05 : Joe - created procedure - describe what you got working
;01-06 : Amy - fixed bug with 0 turtles causing crash
;01-07 : Amy - added ... - describe what you added
to whatever

Submitting code:
Make a folder that contains your working version, and any files required.
Zip this folder (google how to zip a folder on windows/mac/linux) 
Submit this file on the homework server slot. 


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    Hand in stapled. 

New Seats: 
    Sit with partner

Work on final projects.

    -I will prioritize feedback on groups that feel they don't know how to organize/start/etc.

I will check your 4 labs (see the previous post)


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Final Lab Day for Old Labs.

-Today is an opportunity to work on any outstanding labs you have.
-I will be checking the latest few labs in class tomorrow. 
    Bouncing Balls     
    Mouse click/drag/etc
-Now is the last time you can ask about prototypes. 
-I will accept prototypes one day early if you are done with them and want to start working on the project. 
-Your prototypes MUST BE STAPLED!

If you are done with all the old labs:

-Make an alternate Spread button in your maze solver, that doesn't require a forever button.
This would make your solver show all the numbers in 1 press tick instead of many ticks. 

-See if you can have a turtle spawn on the starting patch and when go is pressed, it would follow the solved patches to the goal.
    The turtle should move at a speed of .15 per tick.
    The turtle should mostly follow the green patches as closely as possible. 
    When the turtle steps on the next green patch, it finds the next and moves towards that.
    When the turtle reaches the goal, it no longer moves.


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Maze Solver!

Simple path finding

Download the base code!


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Goal Mouse-Lab

Download the attached nlogo file, and follow the directions.


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Menu Lab - FInal Project Proposals


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Goal: Proposal Approvals / Discussions

Do Now:
 Open the bouncy demo that is attached. 
 Read the code and see how the objects move. 

If you have no clue about physics check this out:

Add 2 sliders from -1.0 to 1.0 in increments of 0.01

Add a mouse-action procedure to the go.

This procedure should:
    Spawn a new circle at the mouse with initial x and y speeds (velocity) that are tied to 2 new sliders that you created.


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Jan 3rd in class: Prototype due
Jan 5th 8am: 1st Code submission
Jan 9th 8am: 2nd code submission
Jan 12th 8am: 3rd code Submission
Jan 16th 8am: Final Version.
Jan 16th - 19th Demos
Jan 22nd Final Exam 

Final Project Lab time: (3 days + 5 days) 
2 mini lectures, and 1 quiz. 

Regarding final projects:
The following things will NEVER hurt your grade, but can help you get your project done. Please let me know RIGHT AWAY if:
    -your partner is non-cooperative, you cannot work together effectively.
    -you and your partner cannot resolve a disagreement.
    -you are stuck on something

Deadline: Wed after you get back from break, it can be updated afterward, but I want to see that you have it. 

NO CODE: Until you hand in the prototype there should be absolutely NO CODE! This is a design process. 
You can experiment with different NetLogo features and try making mini-models as a 'working prototype' but nothing you do before the official start counts. 

Grade: This will be 20% of your final project grade. It should look like you put serious effort into it. 
If it looks like you did this assignment on the train coming to school or rushed it the night before, I will grade you accordingly. 
Diagrams can be printed images, or hand drawn. Both of you should PROOFREAD the entire document.

Hand drawn does not mean you can draw like a 5-year-old.
    -Take time to draw what you want to show. You don't have to draw everything (just the world, or include the buttons as you choose.)
    -Use a ruler for straight edges! This makes it look much better. (No ruler = you didn't care)
    -Please use reasonable paper! (Drawing on wrinkled looseleaf = you didn't care)

The purpose of the document is to:
   a. Come together with your partner and make a clear picture of what you BOTH want to do. 
   b. Explicitly describe the behavior of your project so I can tell you if there are potential problems. 
   c. Make clear expectations public so you have guidelines to follow and don't cut features for no reason.
   d. Have the document in class when you are working so I can reference it when I see your group.

The 2nd page is SUPER important
Development stages
    -A timeline of features to be added, prioritized by importance and feasability.
    -It is ok to fall behind schedule. 
    -It is OK to modify this.

Keep it out in class:
    -Print one for me, and one for each of you. 
    -You must have it out at all times.

Evolving document:
    -You may ADD to it, but do NOT remove old pages. 
    -You may mark sections as outdated, and that they are replaced later. 
    -The goal is to see the evolution of your project over the 2 weeks. 

Prototype Format Document has a cover page format, but the rest is not a sample. The rest details what should be in the prototype.

If you are extending models, some of this doesn't apply to you update to be posted.

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