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Work 07: Let's see how your code stacks up to the competition

posted Apr 3, 2019, 6:33 AM by JonAlf Dyrland-Weaver   [ updated Apr 4, 2019, 6:02 AM ]
(I do not know who or  what the competition is)

Due: 8am Monday, 4/8

Note: If you are working in c, I have provided a basic stack library that you can use in the 66source repository

To implement a relative coordinate system... system, add/modify your current parser so it has the following behavior
  • push
    • push a copy of the current top of the coordinate system (cs) stack onto the cs stack (a full copy, not just a reference to the current top... I'm looking at you python people)
  • pop
    • removes the top of the cs stack (nothing needs to be done with this data)
  • move/rotate/scale
    • create a translation/rotation/scale matrix
    • multiply the current top of the cs stack by it
    • The ordering of multiplication is important here.
  • box/sphere/torus
    • add a box/sphere/torus to a temporary polygon matrix
    • multiply it by the current top of the cs stack
    • draw it to the screen
    • clear the polygon matrix 
  • line/curve/circle
    • add a line to a temporary edge matrix
    • multiply it by the current top
    • draw it to the screen (note a line is not a solid, so avoid draw_polygons)
  • save
    • save the screen with the provided file name
  • display
    • show the image
  • Also note that the identapply and clear commands no longer have any use
github clone link: