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Netlogo Final Project

Due Date:
 All projects are due before Tues., June 18.

How to Submit:

 Submit your project,as an email attachment, to


Group Size:
 1 to 3 members


Choose one:

  1. Extend a model from the Model's Library. DO NOT EXTEND A GAME.

  2. Build from scratch a new model.

  3. Build a game.


  1. Don't build any game found in the Model's Library.

  2. No credit will be given for the game snake.

  3. Fully complete each section of the information tab. Refer to
     projects found in the models library for examples.

  4. Put your name(s) and period in the Credit and References section
     of the information tab.

  5. If you borrow code from another model, the borrowed code should
     be identified via comments such as :

    ;; I borrowed this code from the bounce example.
    ;; this procedure checks the coordinates and makes the turtles
    ;; reflect according to the law that the angle of reflection is
    ;; equal to the angle of incidence
    to bounce  ;; turtle procedure
     ; check: hitting left or right wall?
     if abs [pxcor] of patch-ahead 0.1 = max-pxcor
     ; if so, reflect heading around x axis
     [ set heading (- heading) ]
     ; check: hitting top or bottom wall?
     if abs [pycor] of patch-ahead 0.1 = max-pycor
     ; if so, reflect heading around y axis
     [ set heading (180 - heading) ]

    In addition, a reference to the model should be noted in the Credits and
    References section. Any borrowed code or help not attributed to the rightful
    author will result in a 0 for the project grade and the assistant principal
    will be notified. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you receive help from a person not
    in your group, their name must appear in the Credit and References section
    along with a comment next to the relevant code.

  6. You will be give the following class days to work on the assignment:

     June 10,11,12,13,14,17

     You are expected to work on the code during these lab days.

  7. The most recent version of your model is due at the end of each lab day.

      Send them to:
      Subject : Version <number> Period <number>


Grading Rubric:

  50%  Either an interesting extension/new  model, or is the game fun to play.

  30%  Is the information tab complete and well written.

  10%  Coding style. Examples, effective use of breeds, appropriate use of procedures.

  10%  Lab time productivity. Did you send a new version of the program daily? Are you on time
       for class? Are you asking questions? Are all group members contributing?  

Good Luck

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